Phishing Toolkit

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt of receiving confidential information by impersonating a trustworthy company or organization. Cybercriminals also use phishing tactics to access the computer network to install malware or viruses such as ransomware or trojan that lock the essential files on the computer. 90% of data breaches are caused by phishing attacks. Phishing frauds are targeted at employees to give away confidential business information via email, phone calls, text, and letters.

  • 91% of cyber attacks come by way of phishing. Know the different types.[1]
  • Cybercrime Up 600% Due To COVID-19 Pandemic.[2]
  • 94% of malware is delivered via email.[3]

This course is meant to prepare and train your employees against common phishing attacks. By the end of the toolkit, you will have a general understanding on how phishing attacks are presented. In the end, you will have the option to take a 5-minute quiz to help assess you and your employee’s ability to identify phishing attacks. Knowing how to identify and respond against phishing attacks will make sure your confidential data stays safe against phishing attacks.

Read our article on phishing scams for more information.

Take a minute to take the phishing quiz located here to help test your understanding of phishing scams.

What do phishing scams look like?

Sample Phishing Emails

Phishing Quiz

We have prepared a short, 5-minute quiz to help assess you and your employee’s ability to protect your business against cyber threats. Knowing how to guard yourself against such attacks will not only save you time, it will make sure you keep your personal records and information safe.

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