Protect your business

Millions of small businesses suffer from cyberattacks, digital extortion, or data breaches every year.

As a result, businesses experience financial hardship or even closure. For that reason, we have

created CyberSafe, a free resource to help you protect valuable data.

Where do I start?
CyberSafe is Designed to help strengthen data protection in 2 steps


(less than 5 minutes)

Take the CyberSafe Assessment! This quick assessment will only take a few minutes and will allow you to identify vulnerabilities within your business. Afterwards, you will be directed to your very own custom-made CyberSafe planner, free of cost.


(2-3 minutes)

Utilize our easy-to-understand CyberSafe Toolkits. In only a few minutes, they will provide you with enough information to give you a general overview of the latest safeguards in cybersecurity which will help defend your business against cyberattacks.


Is this you?

Take a moment to see how these business owners
learned from their mistakes.

Rachel – Restaurant Owner

Rachel did not think keeping her point of sale (POS) system up to date was a concern until her information was leaked. See what steps she took to prevent future cyberattacks.

Matt – Doctor’s office

Matt did not think training his employees on phishing was important until someone clicked on an email that caused his data to be breached. See what steps he took to train his employees.

David – Manufacturer

David had not realized his business had been hacked due to a flash drive an employee plugged into a computer. See what steps he should have taken to prepare.

Angie – Gym Owner

Angie was stunned to find her system down due to an employee clicking an online ad. See what steps she took to prevent future attacks.

Keep your data Safe

Identification Toolkit

This toolkit will help you identify vulnerabilities and what kind of data needs to be protected.

Protection Toolkit

This toolkit provides you with a variety of solutions and protocols to prevent cyberattacks.

Responsing Toolkit

This toolkit will help your business stay protected when responding to unwanted intruders.

  Phishing  Toolkit

This toolkit will help teach and train employees on how to identify phishing attacks commonly used today.

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