Identify & Protect

This section will help you identify and classify the data your business has that needs to be protected. It will also help you identify where it is stored and who has access to this data.

Employee Policy

Implement & Execute

This section provides different policy guidelines and provisions that the employees should follow for preserving the security of the data and technology infrastructure.

Access Control

Keep Track

This section helps to track and manage accounts of business or employees. The business owners can keep a track and record of the online accounts and email id of their employees.

Cybersecurity Law

Regulations & Penalty

Brief overview of regulations and penalties that apply to your small businesses.

California Civil Code
PCI DSS compliance


WiFi | VPN | Anti-Virus

Best practices and protection techniques Checklist for securing WiFi to prevent devices from external threats. Provides brief insight on VPN and how it can enhance security for your business network.

Security Breach

Helpful resources

Create a resource list of contacts that can help in the event of a cyber-breach or IT problems. Having this ready will prevent you from cost of having data exposed longer during a cyber-breach.

Cyber Insurance
Third Party Support


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